Fjallraven backpack is unparalleled in its functionality and design

The Fjallraven Backpack is modeled after the classic bag that Swedish kids carried to school in the 70s. It’s built with durable Vinylon fabric, which offers moisture resistance to keep the contents dry. The Fjallraven Kanken has both carry handles and backpack straps, giving you choices when transporting your stuff.

Kanken has developed since it went on sale for the first time in 1978. This model has room for up to a 17″ laptop in a special padded compartment at the back. Find Lowest Price Fjallraven ‘Kanken’ Laptop Backpack (13 Inch), Read Reviews and Ratings, Best Deals on Fjallraven ‘Kanken’ Laptop Backpack (13 Inch).fjallraven kanken backpack

Outdoor clothing label Fjallraven, which means Arctic Fox in Swedish, brings forth a high-tech collection of outdoor clothing. Their innovative range of lush brightly coloured backpacks use advanced weatherproof fabrics that are specifically kind to the environment. Look to cute mini backpack styles, alongside regular and oversized designs.

Durable yet lightweight Carries everything I could ever need, while maintaining it’s light form. Attractive bag as well, looks more expensive. I noticed the weird smell that other reviewers mentioned but I let it air out and the smell left–I think it is the packaging more than anything.One complaint–since there are no pockets, you have to organize your contents. Not a huge deal, but be aware of it.

A sturdy Fjallraven backpack, detailed with a reflective logo patch and front zip pocket. Patch side pockets offer easy access to essentials, and a 2-way, wraparound zip secures the top. A removable foam panel adds extra protection to the deep, interior patch pocket. Double handles and adjustable shoulder straps.fjallraven bag

Fjallraven backpack is, in its simplest form, a cloth sack carried on one’s back and secured with two straps that go over the shoulders, but there can be exceptions. Lightweight types of backpacks are sometimes worn on only one shoulder strap.

Ever since Fjallraven was founded just over 50 years ago, they have had one strong driving force: to develop products that make it easier for people to enjoy the countryside. As far back as 1950 ake Nordin developed a backpack frame that sowed the seed which would go on to become the Fjallraven company.

And ever since its ornskoldsvik beginnings in 1960, Fjallraven has continued to produce innovative, functional products which are appreciated by generations of outdoor enthusiasts across the world – and which have also received a number of distinguished awards over the years.

I grew up using Kanken as a school bag and I am so pleased to see my son loving the same iconic style 20 years later. The Fjallraven Kanken backpack has become an iconic symbol of classic functional Swedish design. After engaging in the “back debates” of the late 1970’s in Sweden, Fjallraven founder Ake Nordin developed a simple yet functional backpack with the help of The Swedish Guide and Scout Association.fjallraven kanken laptop backpack

This revolutionary design now known as the Kanken evenly distributed the bag’s weight to both shoulders which led to reduced back problems in Sweden. Not much has changed since 1978. We’ve added more colors and a few new models including mini and laptop versions.

Made from Fjallraven’s durable Vinylon F fabric, which repels moisture better than any other synthetic fabric, the Fjallraven Kanken is unparalleled in its functionality and design. The recently introduced Kanken Laptop bag features a padded compartment in back and padded shoulder-straps, which help accommodate the weight of a 13″ laptop computer.

The Fjallraven Rucksack No.21 medium is a 20 litre backpack in classic Fjallraven style, made from a more durable version of Fjallraven’s waxed G-1000 known as G-1000 HeavyDuty. These iconic Fjallraven vintage rucksacks are a modern classic, unparalleled in design & functionality. Perfect for both everyday use in town or time spent travelling or trekking.fjallraven bag review

Fjallraven at Simons A swedish style designed in 1978 in fashionable rich colours The perfect bag for school, outings or biking to work Made from light and durable Vinylon F fabric that repels moisture Sitting pad in the back pocket and a logo that doubles as a reflector Adjustable narrow, supple shoulder straps Height: 15″ Length: 10.5″ Width: 5″ Hi!

Vinylon F fabric offers superior moisture resistance to keep contents dry. Webbing backpack straps and hand carry straps. Front zippered pocket for securing essentials. Yes, we are an authorized retailer for Fjallraven! We are on Fjallraven’s website as well. If you go to their store locations and search the zipcode for one of our stores, you can view their authorized retailers in your area.

Nice fabric and well constructed! Also offers a little shaping, so it doesn’t look boxy. Maybe more a little more roomy than indicated by the description of “athletic fit sits close to the skin” — the photo looks pretty accurate in terms of how tight the fit is. Wish this came in more colors.fjallraven backpack

Like many women, Shannon gets cold easily, therefore, we try to test the best all weather gear to help her stay warm and dry during all day outdoor pursuits. In the warmer months, Shannon enjoys exploring the Colorado backcountry with her friends and dogs and attempts to escape for as many trail runs as her schedule allows. Shannon is a great women’s tester because she gives readers true insight into how a product may perform for an active woman.

Based on Fjallraven bags of the 60’s & 70’s, it’s vintage styling combines clean lines and functional details in natural tone leather. You can be sure that this Fjallraven rucksack it meets all of the design features to be a classic backpack for many years to come. There is top loading main compartment which is also equipped with a snow lock. The inner pocket has a padded bottom making these vintage rucksacks ideal for holding a laptop.

Fjallraven was born from the idea of creating better carrying systems and for more than 50 years we have developed backpacks that allow you to head deep into the great outdoors in a comfortable way. In addition to large, well-equipped hiking backpacks and multi-purpose day trip backpacks, we have also developed bags and compact backpacks for everyday adventures.Fjallraven-Greenland-Backpack-Redwood

Originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, the Fjallraven Kanken bag has since become a well-loved and iconic backpack for children and adults around the world Durable Vinylon fabric construction, which repels moisture better than any other synthetic fabric Durable Polypropylene webbing carry handles and adjustable shoulder straps.

I just bought a Kanken and first thing I did was impregnate the entire backpack with the Greenland Wax as it has been raining a lot in Shanghai and I wanted to add more water resistance. I did as what was on the instructions using a hair dryer. After the process, all looked well and was quite pleased. Moisture-repelling Vinylon F fabric upgrades a durable all-purpose backpack fitted with a convertible shoulder strap system that allows it to be carried as a backpack or rucksack.fjallraven laptop

The bag comes with a removable seat pad, ideal for lunch stops and breaks to take in the view.  There’s also a neat pocket that holds a thermos in an upright position should you require. The top lid is held in place by beautiful tanned leather straps that add to the vintage feel of this backpack. It has one large front pocket and two side pockets.

The simple, supple shoulder straps and top handle are made to carry your load comfortably, while the pack is constructed from very hardwearing and water repellent Vinylon fabric. Last but not least, the logo of this unisex backpack is reflective for increased security. After narrowing down my options, the Fjallraven Kanken backpack was the right fit. The Kanken was originally designed for school children in 1978 and is a minimalist backpack that suits a variety of uses. It’s made from Vinylon F material, which repels moisture. I feel that it is extremely well suited for everyday use.

Fjallraven was founded in Sweden 50 years ago. It is a widely-recognized name in its home country, where school kids for a couple generations have slung on the company’s boxy Kanken backpacks. Parkas, bags, and outdoors clothing are staples in the line.

This is the Jansport of Sweden! This fjallraven laptop is made with hard-wearing vinylon fabric and features a zipper that opens the entire main compartment, a front zip-pocket, and two open side pockets— great for storing phones, water bottles, maps, etc.fjallraven sale

Simple, robust and comfortable everyday backpack in timeless Fjallraven style. This model was inspired by one of Fjallraven’s many loyal users, who redesigned his worn out Greenland jacket into a bag he could use on his kick-sled. Featuring drawstring main compartment, leather strap with metal buckle closure, 13 inch laptop base, zipped valuables compartment and padded back panels.

Fjallraven hails from Sweden, where their rucksacks have a cult following, and their iconic looks have gained the brand a huge fanbase south of Scandinavia. These beautiful Fjallraven backpacks are now a hipster wardrobe staple, but are they as useful in a blizzard as they are in Brixton?

Stylishly compact backpack for everyday use, the Fjallraven Kanken rucksack features an extremely durable Vinylon exterior and includes an internal pocket with a foam pad that allows the pack to double as a seat cushion! With living in Vancouver, you never know when you will be hit by rain and everything inside my backpack has remained dry. It seems like it’s going to be able to withstand a lot of use, has a laptop pocket and enough room to store camera gear or supplies for a day hike.fjallraven daypack

Straight backs equals happy backs. Kanken was launched in 1978 to spare the backs of school children. Back problems had begun to appear in increasingly younger age groups and shoulder bags were among the most popular. Kanken has many simple, clear functions. The backpack soon became a common sight at pre-schools and nature schools around the country.

We came back from our trip wishing that we had not bothered with the convertible bag and instead taken a more stylish and structured backpack such as the Kanken Bag or the Fjallraven No.21 Rucksack (the latter is probably more suitable if you are planning on doing quite a bit of trekking). These classic canvas travel bags will ensure you project an understated sense of style on your trip.

Gear is arranged on shelves and hung on the walls, including Fjallraven products and items from other niche brands. There are few electronics, a lack of known outdoors brands and, except for the chopping axes, almost nothing that is “cutting edge.”fjaler kanken bag fashion

Find Lowest Price Fjallraven Laptop Backpack (13 Inch), Read Reviews and Ratings, Best Deals on Fjallraven ‘Kanken’ Laptop Backpack (13 Inch). Yes, we have information of Fjallraven ‘Big Kanken’ Water Resistant Backpack, you can view image or read some information about products from this pages. but you would like to view more product images or read more details you can do it by click go to store.

When I first received this backpack I was super worried when I realized how small it looked! I am a college student and have a large binder, pencil cases, a wallet and other stuff to lug to school! At first glance, I didn’t think it would fit any of my stuff! I opened it up and expanded it from its original state and much to my surprise it fit my stuff perfectly! I have only had it a few days so I can’t comment on the longevity but so far it has been great! Not too bulky and very stylish!

The Fjallraven Kanken is made of Vinylon F, a highly durable, abrasion and water resistant fabric that softens with age and washes and becomes increasingly robust as the fibers in the fabric tighten from use. Since 1960 Fjallraven has stayed true to its mission; developing timeless, functional and durable outdoor equipment while acting responsibly toward people, animals and the environment. Inspired by the outdoors, Fjallraven inspires others to get outside.fjallraven backpack review

Indeed, the Fjallraven aesthetic and the store in general is in drastic juxtaposition to almost every other product and current theme in the outdoors industry. The company makes jackets for ice fishing and polar treks.

It is a dream for many young people, to explore this fascinating world as a backpacker. To travel through exciting countries like Australia or America, represents a dream come true for many young people. It feels like freedom, to be free of all duties, obligations and time tables for once. Backpacking sounds like a real adventure. And so it is! Travelling this way is exciting, impressive and beautiful. For many backpackers it is an adventure to be travelling the world alone with only a backpack.

Fjallraven daypack 40 Pack DECENT FEATURES of the Fjallraven Helags 40 Pack Lid pocket-Zippered pocket on lid Ergonomically shaped shoulder straps-Duo-density foam ensures comfortable use with both light and heavier loads Ventilated back panel-Molded back panel with height curves lets air flow behind back Hip belt can easily be stowed away when not in use Webbings for elastic strap-Helags comes equipped with elastic straps.fjallraven kanken daypack

This evenly distributed weight across his back so the pack did not end up uneven, pear-shaped, and uncomfortable. It also meant he could carry more weight with ease. ake’s innovation quickly caught on and in 1960 Fjallraven became the first to commercially make and distribute framed backpacks. The full front zip opening allows for traditional top loading or front loading of the backpack, while the removable seat pad is perfect for watching a ballgame in the bleachers.

I have carried large packs (65 to 105 L) in all kinds of environments for years now. The Kajka 75 is more comfortable and easier to organize than any of them! The idea of using a backpack quickly spread, as did Kanken. It is just as popular today, and an excellent choice for school, outings or biking to work. The large main compartment with a large opening makes it easy to put in/take out items. Two side pockets and a zippered pocket in the front. Handle at the top, narrow, supple shoulder straps, sitting pad in the pocket in the back and logo that doubles as a reflector.

I’ve been testing out the kanken backpack around the city for the past couple of weeks. The zipper gives you full access to the pack, which is helpful if you tend to fill up the bag full, like me. The straps allow you to wear it as a backpack or carry it like a tote. When you are in a crowded place, it’s handy to be able to carry it for security reasons and make more room for others.fjallraven- bag for ladies

Originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, the kanken has since become one of the most well-loved and iconic backpacks for children and adults around the world. Made from Fjallraven’s durable Vinylon F fabric, which repels moisture better than any other synthetic fabric, the kanken is unparalleled in its functionality and design.

The basic equipment consists at least of a fitting backpacker or trekking rucksack of good quality. In relation to the duration and destination of your travels it should be big enough to carry your outdoor equipment. Our Fjallraven backpacks are exactly fitting this description. Travellers who wish to camp overnight somewhere in the landscape, need sufficient space for isolating sleeping mats and sleeping bags.

First created in 1978 to help ease the hurting backs of school children, the Kanken Kids Backpack is a comfortable and durable choice for the school season. The Fjallraven Kanken Kids Backpack is made out of a burly Vynlon-F fabric and has a children’s specific frame with multiple pockets. From school books to hiking gear, the Kanken is a pack that you both can love.fjallraven

The clothing has a traditional outdoors look that your dad or grandpa might have worn. Fjallraven eschews Gore-Tex in favor of iron-on wax! Indeed, the company sells blocks of wax, which can be melted with an iron and rubbed into the fabric of a jacket to make it waterproof.

Vinylon F fabric is exceptionally durable and water resistant for reliable day-to-day use. Top carry handles and shoulder straps provide versatile carry options. Removable seat pad gives you a comfy place to sit while waiting at the bus stop or lunching outside. Front zippered pocket provides quick access to essential items. Yes bag inside the notebook qualifies for extra storage space, but now is not 13 inches. In order to accommodate a laptop you should buy a laptop Fjallraven kanken products.

A travellers kitchen consists of a waterbottle or integrated drinking system, probably a small cooker and fitting kitchen accessories. A sufficient amount of outdoor clothing and a first-aid kit should also be taken.fjallraven kanken daypack

Got this to use as an every day bag. It’s a little big for what I need, but I can carry my iPad, a book, my planner, my phone, and my wallet comfortably. I don’t always carry all of that around with me, though, so it can be kind of chunky. Overall the quality is awesome, as to be expected from Fjallraven 🙂 Made from our durable Vinylon F fabric, which repels moisture better than any other synthetic fabric, the Kanken is unparalleled in its functionality and design.

Straight backs are happy backs. Kanken was launched in 1978 to spare the backs of school children. Back problems had begun to appear in increasingly younger age groups and shoulder bags were popular. Kanken has many simple, clear functions.

From Sweden we carry outdoor specialist Fjallraven in stock, well-known for offering quality hiking clothes and durable Fjallraven outdoor jackets. For those who look for warm outdoor underwear, we have smartwool clothing by manufacturer in our Icebreaker onlineshop. We also offer the brand Scarpa, a specialist for quality hiking and outdoor shoes for both sexes.foldsack_no1_back

Besides city use, I need a bag that I can take with me when I escape the city for a day hike. The Fjallraven Kanken Backpack holds everything I need with room to spare. The only small criticism I have is that could be improve is the side pockets by making them a little bigger. I was hoping the pocket was large enough to hold my water bottle but my stainless steel one wouldn’t fit. Luckily, I have a thinner glass bottle that will fit.

In New York, the Fjallraven store feels like an anachronism amongst its neighboring boutiques on trendy Mott Street. The staffer that helped me out, Maria, had a Swedish accent and an enthusiasm toward the Fjallraven brand, which she says has been present in her life since she was a child.

Many outdoor companies are moving towards bringing back classic pieces and adding modern technology to improve the function, while keeping the retro look. Fjallraven has done just that with their Rucksack No. In our online shop Backpacking United we offer a wide range of specialised backpacking light and outdoor equipment.

You’ll find Fjallraven or Haglofs plus several other well-known outdoor brands. Our outdoor shop offers professional outdoor equipment for international backpackers.The Outdoor Shop Backpacking Germany offers for international backpackers professional outdoor clothing and accessories.fjallraven backpack cheap

First introduced in 1978 – The Kanken backpack has become an iconic symbol of classic functional Swedish design. After engaging in the “back debates” of the late 1970’s in Sweden, Fjallraven founder Ake Nordin developed a simple yet functional backpack with the help of The Swedish Guide and Scout Association.

The Fjallraven Rucksack is a top loading backpack that features a drawstring cinch at the top, termed a snow lock by Fjallraven, just under the lid. The snow lock brings together the lighter weight canvas placed at the top of the backpack to help keep your belongings in place in an overstuffed pack.